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Laspaziale – S2

Laspaziale – S2

Its ease of use, choice of robust materials and high performance makes the S2 the perfect choice for professional baristas. The classical and yet modern appearance of the retro-style Espresso machine is a real eye-catcher that goes with any room decor.



Semi-automatic Espresso coffee machine with 1, 2 or 3 brewing groups
2-group Compact Version
Integrated pump
Electrical heating system
3-liter boiler (for the 1-group version)
5-liter boiler (for the Compact version)
10-liter boiler (for the 2-group version)
15-liter boiler (for the 3-group version)
Manometer for boiler and pump pressure control
1 hot water dispenser nozzle/2 steam valves for milk foaming
Electronic monitoring of filling and temperature control in the boiler
Body made from rust-proof, stainless steel
Narrow diameter filter, 53 mm, ideal for Espresso parameters (7 grams).


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