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Coffee Classes

Coffee Classes


Our company has established a partnership with School of Coffee, to provide a one stop solution for potential café owners. The main goal of this collaboration is share our team’s expertise in barista training.


Certificate of Performance: Business and Science on Coffee:

This is a training program done in partnership with Professional and Adult Continuing Education (PACE) Academy of Singapore Polytechnic. This course is suitable for potential café owner to have entry information and insight on setting up a café. This 30 hours course is easily the most comprehensive coffee business course available in Singapore. For more information, please visit: SP URL.

15 Hours – Entry Barista training class:

If you are aspiring to be a barista, then this course is one that you do not want to miss out. The class comprises of Espresso extraction techniques, milk frothing and texturing technique and how to pour a balanced tasting cup of café latte and café cappuccino. There would be ample hands on time during the training class with trainer’s guidance in a relaxed and friendly environment.

25 hours – Advance Barista training class:

This intense 25 hours course is designed for Baristas who are looking to refine their skills and technique and take it to the next level. The focus is mainly on revisiting and fine tune various technique such as espresso extraction and milk frothing technique. Free pouring Latte art and coffee brewing methods such as pour over system and siphon brewing system is covered to complete the full spectrum of a Barista skill and knowledge.

Coffee art exploration class:

This 2 hours class mainly involves participant using a sharp object to draw on smooth textured milk. Participants will be able to create various simple designs with chocolate or caramel sauce. It helps to unleash the artistic talent in you!

Single origin tasting class:

Single origin coffee has been receiving a growing interest from coffee drinkers due to its distinct flavors from different origin. Participants will be experimenting coffee from three origins through espresso and pour over system.

Signature beverage crafting class:

Participants will go through a 2 hours hands-on class that focus on creating popular flavored coffee beverage and blended drinks. Participants will work with various selections of flavored syrups and chocolate powder attempting to create the signature beverage of their own!


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    Great classes by School of Coffee, highly recommend for any cafe owners.

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